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The Fox Web School $1,000 Website Challenge

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Welcome - for the full challenge details click here: https://foxwebschool.com/starthere/

The Fox Web School $1,000 Web Design Challenge is quite simply a way to teach you the skills needed to grow and run a profitable web design business.

If you get involved you will quickly learn:
- how to start a web design business
- how to think like a business owner (not just a web designer)
- how to find suitable clients and contact them
- how to sell projects and make a profit
- how to grow the business
- how to build a network and solid portfolio

and most importantly...

- how to use a web design business as just a start to a bigger journey of life and financial success

This isn't a challenge to show you the basics of coding and how to instal WordPress. This is about showing you the BIG business skills that make the difference between someone who makes $100 for a website and someone who makes $50,000.

If you are interested check out the link... https://foxwebschool.com/starthere/

This video is an intro explaining the overview of the challenge and the reasons behind it.

In the next video, we get started taking action.

Thanks for watching.

- Rob
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