News Headlines - 7 October 2019

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Perpetual Pixel's Top International News Headlines.

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00:09 - Turkey to begin a military operation in Northern Syria
(Al Jazeera -

00:40 - US starts withdrawal from Syria
(TRT World -

01:51 - Police make first widespread arrests during protests
(ABC News Australia -

02:44 - Oktoberfest goers terrified by transformer explosions
(wwwMOXNEWScom -

03:47 - Key witness in Amber Guyger's murder trial gunned down
(CNN -

04:58 - Strike averted for Ontario schools
(CBC News -

05:59 - Woman makes it onto a plane without ID and boarding pass
(ABC News -

07:18 - No green firecrackers available in Delhi markets
(India Today -

08:33 - Pope suggests married priests to combat Amazon shortage
(ABC News Australia -

09:43 - At least one million Tunisian elderly citizens turn up to vote

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