News Headlines - 10 October 2019

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Perpetual Pixel's Top International News Headlines.

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00:09 - Donald Trump defends his decision to leave Syrian Kurds
(France 24 -

01:15 - Turkey launches attack on U.S.-backed Kurds in Syria
(NBC News -

02:22 - Indonesia's chief security minister Wiranto stabbed during town visit
(CNA -

03:17 - Millions without power in California to prevent wildfires
(CBC News -

04:23 - Are Bangladesh campus political wings out of control?
(DW News -

05:25 - Iraq plagued by corrupt politicians
(Al Jazeera -

06:31 - Rugby World Cup matches canceled as typhoon approaches Japan
(Euronews -

07:42 - Central London faces 4th day of disruption from climate protest
(RT -

08:35 - Two elderly women murdered at retirement village in South Africa
(eNCA -

09:26 - World’s longest double-deck suspension bridge opens in China
(South China Morning Post -

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