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DIY How to fix Leaf spot fungus, melting out fungus, red thread fungus and overwatering. TIML June

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DIY How to fix red thread fungus, overwatering. This is my lawn June fertilizer

The rain hasn't stopped for the last two weeks. Leaving me with red thread fungus, melting out fungus, and leaf spot fungus.

For the most part we have to wait for the rain to stop in order to stop the fungus. It's important to remember that we want to fix the fungus as soon as possible but we can't control mother nature.

The red thread fungus is a sign of Nitrogen deficiency. The easy fix for this is to apply 1lbs of nitrogen to the soil

To fix the melting out and leaf spot:

Step 1- stop watering. Let the lawn stress out. By that I don't mean to kill the lawn. You want to see color stress indicators showing you the lawn and grass needs water. This will take anywhere from 5 to 14 days depending on how overwatered the soil is.

Step 2- Push the water back into the soil. The soil needs 6" to 8" of water

Step 3- Fertilize with a quick release fertilizer and force some growth

Step 4- No mowing until the grass reaches 5 to 6" in length

Step 5- Mow the lawn and scalp the top 2" to 3" off the top. This should remove the fungal layer and eliminate the melting out and leaf spot. ITS IMPORTANT TO BAG YOUR CLIPPINGS DURING THIS PROCESS.

For my June fertilizer mixture I chose to use 13.5.8 granular by propeat. Propeat contain peat moss which also has micronutrients important for rooting. I have shallow roots that I'm working on fixing and it's a great product for water retention. Overall great source of carbon.

DIY How to fix red thread fungus, Leaf spot fungus, melting out fungus and overwatering. TIML June

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