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Learn to develop your own games for the biggest selling home computer of all time: the Commodore 64.Using modern tools, this introductory book guides you through all the elements required to make two mini games: a space shooter and a platformer, and run them on an emulator or real C64 hardware.Whether you're a retro enthusiast after a nostalgia fix, or a newcomer hoping to break into the games industry, this will unleash your creativity!Learn about:6502 Assembly LanguageCommodore 64 HardwareCBM Prg Studio I.D.E.VICE Commodore EmulatorHardware and Software SpritesSID Chip Audio EffectsSprite Character AnimationBackground Screen DesignAnd much more...Downloads and discussion forum available at www.retrogamedev.com.Paperback: B/W Interior. Kindle: Color Interior.Please note that the Kindle version is 'print replica' and will NOT work on eReaders. It will ONLY work on tablets, phones, Kindle Fires, Kindle Reading apps etc.
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